Lunch Set Menu

LUNCH SET MENU - $218/pp

Oct 27th-30th & Nov 2nd-6th

Prices subject to 10% service charge

GF : Gluten free friendly * 無麩質提示  |   : Suitable for vegetarians 素食

Starters 前菜

Choose From
  • Leek and potato soup, smoked cheddar croquette (V)

  • Fromage de tête (Braised pig’s head terrine, remoulade and toast)
    豬面肉醬 配蛋黃醬和多士

  • ($40 supp) Raw chopped beef fillet, sea urchin and miso mayonnaise
    (+$40另加) 生牛肉他他 配海膽和味噌蛋黃醬

  • Couscous salad, toasted pita and warm hummus (V)
    北非小米沙律 配烤印度餅 鷹嘴豆蓉

Mains 主菜

Choose From
  • Rare roast bavette steak “Tagliata”, new potatoes shallots and Balsamic roasting juices (GF)
    生烤牛脊肉 配烤薯仔 乾蔥黑醋燒汁

  • Slow roast lamb shoulder shepherd’s pie, peas and carrots (GF)
    慢煮羊肩肉批 配青豆和甘筍

  • Lightly grilled halibut, creamed chorizo, grilled corn, crisp lotus root and chimichurri
    烤比目魚, 忌廉辣肉腸, 烤粟米和脆蓮藕 配美式香草醬

  • Asparagus risotto, radicchio, hazelnuts and Parmesan (V.GF)
    蘆筍芝士意大利飯 配意大利菊苣, 榛子

Dessert 甜品

  • White chocolate churros, freeze dried raspberries (V)
    白朱古力油條 配野莓


  • Croquette: Fried choux pastry

  • Remoulade: French style slaw

  • Miso: Japanese seasoning

  • Chimichurri: South American herb dressing

  • Churros: Spanish doughnut

* All dishes are made with gluten free ingredients, but in a kitchen where products with gluten are also prepared.